Application from freakstar.

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Application from freakstar.

Post  freaksta on Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:47 pm

1. Age, Country ( time zone), gender, name.
Both of us are 17, we are from Sweden, male, name= Kristoffer & Sebastian, account name = freakstar
2. Coords. on the map
-125|-136, second village right next to us
3. Solo/Dual account - present yourself.
Dual account - We both are 17 years old, known each other for about 10 years or something =p, go to the same shitty school.... we got laptops there so we mostly only have a blue dot. We've played Travian on and off for about 2 years.(See question 6 for more info)
4. Style of play (defensive, offensive)
I'd say defensive at the moment, but last round when we played over at the Swedish speed server we were pretty offensive. We're probably gonna gonna go offensive later on.
5. Enemies within the Private family?
None, I think Razz
6. Experience
We both have played travian for about 2-3 years(honestly can't remember when we started). This is our first time at the international server, Me(Sebastian) got experience on the Swedish speed server and the hungarian speed server. Kristoffer has experience on the Swedish speed server. We were both a part of the same "group" that won the Swedish Speed about 2 years ago, so we know what the deal is in end-game, and know whats required. We took a break after that, since the Swedish speed server is already deep in end-game, we picked the freshly started International server to play on instead.
7. Anything we should know about you.
Been in Pr!vate for awhile, got bumped down to PR!V@TE due to us having pretty low population, but we've grown alot since then, both our army and population.
Both of us have laptops and internet at school, so we're pretty much always online.
8. Why us?
Well, We were in Pr!vate, and I liked how it was run, good leadership etc. We also wanna start fighting abit more, we wanna win this round as well and we both think we can contribute something to this alliance, army, resources... whatever really Razz

Anyways, wall of text, sorry 'bout that :<



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