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Pyite Application

Post  Pyite on Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:49 am

1. Age: 32, Country: USA ( East Coast GMT -5), gender: Male, name: Mike Lopes.
2. Coords. on the map: -13/-76
3. Solo/Dual account - present yourself.: Dual (Phil aka decado from the UK)
4. Style of play (defensive, offensive): offensive currently have 120 soldiers
5. Enemies within the Private family? No
6. Experience: This is my 5th server, I am addicted to travian. I am currently on the winning alliance in server1.
7. Anything we should know about you. I like to help my fellow teamates to become stronger and dominate everything.
8. Why us? You are in my region and have many experienced players. I know what it takes to win and you have the winnung

Thanks for giving me a shot,



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